Peples matrimony

Peoples matrimony was started to offer free partner search feature. In India the online wedding market is dominated and exploited by few giants. They charge exobitant fees for storage and display of few Kilobytes of data of bride and groom. The charges only affordable to high income people.

We started peoples matrimony to all class of people. You can register the profiles of yourself/son/daughter/friend/relatvie. The extensive search options in the website helps you quickly find your soulmate. People of all caste and ethnic group can use the free registration. Presently there are hundreds of Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi speaking brides and grooms with horoscopes and photo. You can specifially search for Guja dosha (sevvai dosha) or particular birth nakshatra

It is free!. Presently the website and its features are free to all members. So rush now and register your profile.Click here to register

peoples matrimony
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