Remedy/parihara for Kuja (Mars) Dosha

The placement of Kuja(Mars) in the horoscope at certain positions cause what is called Kuja dosha / chevvai dosha. When mars occupies 2,4,7,8 or 12th house from lagna, moon or venus this dosha is caused. There are several remedial combinations and nullyfying planetary positions for kuja dosha. Kuja dosha is said to be powerful from Lagna (ascendant) and weak when considered from Moon and Venus.

Why is it being considered a dosha and not good for marriage. Since Mars is a fierce and war like planet its position in 2nd house-house of family, 4th-house of happiness, 7th - house of marriage, husband, wife, 8th-house of longevity, 12th-bed pleasures are considered bad and destructive for the house. There are several nullifying combinations for this dosha. If Taurus and Libra becomes 12th house there is no dosha when mars occupies 12th house. If Aries or Scorpio becomes 4th house there is no dosha. If Capricorn and Cancer becomes 7th house there is no dosha. If Sagittarius and Pisces becomes 8th house there is no dosha. For any house there is no dosha when mars occupies Aquarius and Leo. The dosha is also counteracted by the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter or Mars and the Moon. Also there is no dosha when Jupiter or Venus occupies Ascendant Langa.

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