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In Astrology correct predictions can be made only with accurate birth horoscope / jataka (in tamil) / janam kundli (in hindi). So at poorvapunya.com the technical and astro team combined to develope a computer program to give precise birth charts based and date and time of birth and place of birth given by you. Divisional charts are very sensitive and one minute difference can make big change in predictions. Thus it is vital to record accurate time at birth. The time should be the taken when the baby takes it birth breadth on earth immediately upon birth. Hospitals may not keep accurate clock. So we must keep our clock synchorinized to accurate ones.

Our basic horoscope contains ascendant lagna, janma rashi or moon sign, janma nakshatra, Nirayana longitude of nine palnets, rashi chart, navamsa chart, vimshottari dasa balance and panchanga details at the time of birth like thithi, yoga, karana. You can even take prinout in neat A4 paper format and use for giving to marriage alliances.

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